Run a nursery with your workshop

KD Motorworx
Blackwater QLD

KD Motorworx is in a coal mining area in Central Queensland, with six major open cut coal mines and one underground.  The business offers general mechanical repairs, servicing, air-conditioning repairs and regassing, logbook servicing, battery and windscreen replacements, starter motor and alternator repairs, brake testing, fleet work.  They work on cars, farm equipment, earthmoving moving equipment and mining equipment.  There are 6 people in the office and 5 mechanics.

It’s a busy place, with lots of different tasks to do, and lots of people to keep track of.  The Leading Hand makes this so much easier.

One part of the program they like is Quick Invoices.  With this regular jobs and invoices are setup as a template, with Labour, Parts, Environmental Levies and such entered and calculated, so all you need to do is select the invoice you want and everything is there!  Items can be added or removed for a particular job as required.  This saves a lot of time and ensures particular procedures can be established and followed.  These Quick Invoices can be used for Estimates as well.

An important area to manage it stock.  Being 200km from the coast and 800km from Brisbane, KD Motorworx has a massive amount of inventory and it’s important they know what is happening with it.  The Stock Control option of Leading Hand keeps track of sales and tells them when it is time to order more, and how much they usually order.

Another useful feature is Serial Number Tracking, which allows records to be stored for all items with a particular stock number. Each record can have details of the individual item.  This helps them keep track of items for warranty control e.g. ECUs, and those with a degree of customisation e.g. tractors.

And the Vehicle History is excellent for warranty control and to check what has been charged for a job.

So where does a nursery come into this?

Well, there were no nurseries in Blackwater, and Kirsty who works there wanted one.  So, she set it up next door, along with a gift-shop. So this means, when a customer takes their car to be serviced, they can buy that last minute birthday present.  And when another buys some fertiliser, they can remember to book the car in for a brake test.  They even use the Leading Hand for invoicing fish and flowers!

By knowing the Leading Hand is running the workshop efficiently and properly, Kirsty and the team can service their customers in so many different ways.

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